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Whether you are running facebook ads or just need help retargeting to those “missed leads” you need a Google Adwords expert. With smart retargeting implementation, you can successfully target missed leads that are scalable, measurable, and flexible.

leverage THE power of search ads

 65,000 searches per second is what makes Google Adwords one of the most powerful ad platforms to grow your revenue.

We’ll help you with your Google Adwords so you can capture customers that are searching and hungry to buy from you.

Top tier ad platform

Search intent is what makes Adwords one of the most effective and profitable ad platforms today. By advertising on Google, you’ll be able to get people that are actively searching and ready to buy from you.

Algorithms and AI

Every ad platform uses algorithms and AI to show your ad at the right time.

Our team knows the ins and outs of the Google Adwords algorithm and how to leverage it to make sure that your ad gets shown to customers that are searching for what you have to offer.

Display for intent

Over 25% of customers are not ready to buy at the first click. Google’s display network allows you to follow customers around and remind customers about the great offer that’s waiting for them.

We’ll help you set up and craft the perfect display ad that grabs attention and gets customers coming back.

flat pricing

No one likes the haggle experience. With simple and clear pricing —  you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how it will help you grow.

PPC Management

$1,500/month + 5% Ad Spend

We’ll manage your keywords, bids, and campaigns to ensure that you show up for the right search results and your campaigns are running like a profit generating machine.

  • Pixel Integration and Setup
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Google Shopping Campaigns (If Applicable)
  • Search Term Research and Development
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting

PPC and Display Management

$2,500/month + 5% Ad Spend

We’ll manage both your keyword campaigns and creative display ads that will get people surfing, clicking, and buying. Coupled with effective campaign management, you’ll see your profits skyrocket.

  • Creative Design and Development
  • A/B Creative Split Testing
  • Google Shopping Campaigns (If Applicable)
  • Pixel Integration and Setup
  • Audience Development
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Email and CMS Integration
  • Re-Targeting and Similar Audience Campaigns
  • Tracking and Reporting

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